Did you know your vehicle can lose up to 5% of its refrigerant gas each year through normal use? If you are finding it is not running as cool as it was or not managing to demist your windscreen, we can top it up and get it back up and running properly again.

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Testing process

To achieve the best performance from your air-conditioning we re-charge your system with refrigerant gas. We physically remove the gas and weigh it, then refill the system with just the amount of refrigerant gas that you need and calculate the difference. You only pay for as much gas as your system needs.

Big leaks/faulty equipment

Sometimes we may find a bigger issue, for example a leak in your condenser or a faulty compressor. Holes can appear in the pipes or o’rings can become brittle.

We have the latest technological advances and can use UV visible dye and/or nitrogen gas to enable us to isolate where the leak is. Once we know what the issue is we can give you a quote for repair or replacement.

No vehicle too big or small

While most of our work is on personal cars, utes and 4x4s we do also do commercial air-conditioning on agricultural and commercial heavy equipment such as tractors, diggers, buses, trucks etc.