This page describes the different ways to access the content of this website and also the accessibility standards it complies with.

Access keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the website.

On Windows systems with Internet Explorer browser, press ALT + an access key and then press Enter. On Windows systems with Firefox 3 browser, press ALT + Shift + an access key and then press Enter.

On Macintosh systems, press Control + an access key and, for some browsers, then press Enter.

With the Opera browser, press Shift + Esc + an access key. When Shift + Esc is pressed, a list of access keys is displayed.

We have defined the following access keys:

1 = Home
2 = Site map
8 = Terms of use
9 = Contact us
0 = Accessibility

Standards compliance

All pages meet the following standards benchmarks:

Navigation aids


All content images include descriptive ALT or TITLE attributes. Purely decorative or indicative graphics include null ALT attributes.

Visual design

This website uses cascading style sheets for visual layout.

Portable Document Format (PDF) Files

PDF documents can usually be downloaded and opened with any PDF reader. However, some older versions of PDF readers will not open PDFs created using more recent software.

PDFs provided on this site are optimised for users with the latest version of popular PDF readers. These are available free by download from companies such as Adobe or Foxit.


Our aim is to make this web site easy to use for everyone. If you do encounter any difficulties with its accessibility, please tell us and we will work with you to resolve any problems. Please contact our Website Administrator.